Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another good day

These flowers grow outside my house in several locations, but most prominently they grow right along the driveway. When in bloom this summer Cooper was obsessed with them. "Fleur?" he would request sounding quite French. He wasn't actually speaking French, as much as I would like to claim that he is a super genius. He would carry one to school most mornings. If I recall correctly Blackeyed Susans were my paternal grandmother's favorite flower. I am putting it on here to yet again remember that warmer, sunnier days are coming.

Today was another good day. Cooper is vastly improved. We filed our taxes and will be getting a nice refund that will make surviving the layoff a little bit easier if it goes on for any length of time.

It sounds like we can expect yet more snow this week. Excellent. Hopefully the water leak can get fixed sometime this week in spite of the weather. I have been having dreams most nights about water spurting out of my driveway, or sink holes developing in my driveway and swallowing our cars (that is thanks to my friend Diana who put that though into my head to begin with) or water gushing into my basement after running out of other places to go. I really don't want any of those things to happen. I need Mr. Contractor Dude to get jiggy and fix the problem. Which I am sure he will. I will be on the phone again Monday just to make sure.

In the meantime, my child kept me entertained this evening playing his guitar along with Bruce Springsteen on TV. Oh if only it was along with the Boss actually in my living room. THAT would be a really good day.

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