Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can you get a contact high from albuteral?

Today has been a better day. Cooper is feeling better, and even tolerates his nebulizer for the most part. This is a TERRIFIC photo of me with Cooper in his fish face mask - the maker of this product had the genius idea of putting a fish face on the mask to make it entertaining to wear. We were watching Finding Nemo while using it this morning. Because he has been doing this while sitting on my lap, and that fog leaks out through the holes in the mask, I am wondering if I am also getting a little albuteral action. The other picture was taken just after he finished. His appetite has been totally off since he got sick, but he has been willing to eat Nutragrain bars. Otherwise mommy would be even more freaked out than she has been.

In other news, we found a contractor who came out to discuss our water leak situation. The news in terms of cost was better than I had been anticipating. It will be around $2500 to fix. It could be a bit more if they have to dig further into the driveway, for the hot top patch. That is not an insignificant amount of money but it is better than the $7000 it cost a coworker of mine to do something similar at her house. But that involved a sewage line, not just a water line.

I had a moment last night. I was quite done with being in crisis mode. I feel better today, and we will get through all of this.


Audubon Ron said...

HOPE Coop gets better!

That reminds me, I need some brick work done. Thanks for reminding me.

Dproudmama said...

Hope the good news continues! You have had a rough week. Hugs from afar.

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