Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another presidential election

After a momentous, historic, motivational and inspirational inauguration process yesterday, it is time to announce another presidential election. Not one that is quite as visible, or of international, or national import, but perhaps of interest on a state level, if you are a financial aid professional at a college...yes, I am running for president of our state financial aid organization.

Someone just asked me, a friend in fact, if I was hormonal. Or crazy. It should be interesting. It is a three year commitment, because if elected you are for one year the president elect, then you are president for a year, and then you are past president for another year. They like to get as much mileage out of their torture tactics as possible.

Anyway, I loved watching the inauguration yesterday. I love that my child is going to grow up believing that a person can be president without limitations of color, gender or religion. I would like to believe even sexual preference will not be a limitation, but one step at a time for our country, one step at a time. I love that this president is making personal responsibility a part of the national discussion. For 8 years of this past presidency, and even when Clinton was president, personal responsibility was a fuzzy concept at best. I fight this battle, have this discussion on almost a daily basis in the course of doing my job. I feel that I am a little less alone now since the concept is being elevated to higher visibility.

Please don't let us down President Obama. We are prepared to give you a lot of room to begin making changes, to help us help you make a difference. We don't want to be disappointed again though. Bill Clinton's affair, the WMD debacle, the feeling that we have been lied to by the person occupying the highest office in the land, we don't want to feel that anymore. We have been let down by the CEO's of the biggest corporations and banks in our country, we are all suffering from the awful economic situation. We want to believe in you, in ourselves, in our country. And we do right now. So please, live up to the lofty goals you have set forth and we will strive to reach them with you.

And now, if you will allow me one small moment of stupid mommy pride - my 2 year old son knows how to blow his nose. He is not potty trained, not by a long shot. But if you put a kleenex to his nose and tell him to blow, he DOES! It took 12 years for my brother to master that - and you know I am right MADman.

Now if I can just get him to blow his nose only when there is a kleenex in the vicinity of his face, and not just randomly, like onto the pillows on the couch. Or my shirt. Again, one step at a time, one lofty goal at a time.

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Chip said...

Hey... it was a gross out factor thingy. It made me wanna puke. And that a certain some one in our lives cleared nasal cavities often and vigorously enough for many people all at once.

Call it a Freudian attempt to distance one's self from one's nemesis.