Monday, February 2, 2009

Half a century...

The Bob is 50 today. Happy Birthday BOB!

To commemorate this momentous occasion, he asked for a new pair of sunglasses. So he got those. The last pair he bought he acquired on one of my business trips he accompanied me on, to Key Biscayne. I think it was 5 years ago. So he is not extravagant with sunglasses. His needs are few. Does he WANT more? I am sure, but these are strange financial days for us right now.

Another gift I would like to give him is a list of the things he is to me, and to Cooper.

My best friend.
My partner.
A sounding board for all my fears, frustrations and diverted desires to strangle the stupidity out of some people.
A fantastic dad who makes Cooper laugh and giggle and who changes poopy diapers and cleaned up after the Great Poop Explosion of 2007.
The guy who gets up at 5:30am on a weekend with Cooper so the mama can sleep a bit longer.
The guy who manages to remember the funniest lines from movies and then incorporate them into our daily lives in the most hilarious moments: Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.
A good dog walker.
The laundry man.
The garbage putting out man.
An appreciative consumer of my cooking.
The guy who convinced me to try scuba diving on our honeymoon.
The dude who will go to any concert, show, movie, or social event with me whether he has even the remotest interest in it or not.
The guy who saw my insides during the delivery of our son. He has seen parts of me I haven't even seen.
The guy who held down the fort, dogs and baby and all when I needed to visit my mother after her heart attack.
The supportive guy who is in charge of our child first thing in the morning so the mama can do her work out.
The guy who loves me and thinks I rock no matter what I look like - extra pounds, no make up, haven't shaved in a week or all done up. He still digs me.

He would want me to say a few *other* things, and well, my parents read this blog and I am not saying them, but rest assured they are just TRUE. You are all those things and more.

I love you and am endless grateful for having found you. Happy Birthday.


Chip said...

Hey, Bob, if you can impress my sister, you must rock!

Oz said...

Happy Birthday to the Bob!

Random note related to the previous post: Axel refused to dance to Bruce Springsteen. He did, however, bust a move to some random snatch of opera on one of the commercials. We wished we had a guitar-playing toddler to accompany the Boss.

Audubon Ron said...

That's sweet.

Happy Birthday Bob.