Sunday, January 18, 2009

My little rock star

It is snowing. Again. I was supposed to go to brunch this morning with some of the mamas from my neighborhood, but we cancelled, since we had no desire to be stuck in a snowbank or in an accident, especially with not one but two pregnant bellies in the car. I am not one of them. Just saying.

Yesterday we went off to ToysRUs and purchased Cooper a little guitar. Actually, it is a ukalele. The guitars were too big. The toy guitars, like the Sesame Street one, were not really instruments, they were more like electronic games. Cooper had gotten his hands on a small guitar at our neighbor's house during a playdate, and LOVED it. He would not put it down. I found him lounging on the couch, guitar on his lap, strumming and humming, while also holding onto the microphone that was part of this keyboard/DJ contraption that they also had. He looked exactly like he was holding a recording session. So we needed one that was like a real guitar.

The video here shows the first time he decided to "play along" with a song on TV. We were watching his current favorite TV show, which is actually a fun show, Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin. They were singing a country style song about a seed growing into a plant.

This is actually a real instrument and can be tuned. Bob and I spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to tune it yesterday while Cooper was napping. We found a very helpful video on YouTube. It is not the same as tuning a guitar or a viola, the other two stringed instruments we have experience with. Of course, 20 minutes in the hands of Cooper and it was no longer in tune. Oh well. First things first. Getting him to stop trying to stand on it is more important than keeping it in tune.


Audubon Ron said...

A fellow guitarist. Now that made my day.

mkosboth said...

If you didn't live in the boonies, one day I would sign him up for Audobon Ron's school of music.