Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's not my good news, but good news none the less

So in an economy that stinks like a half empty milk bottle left under the back seat of a car in July, jobs are still being found. My dear brother who has been seeking employment in his chosen profession as a therapist for about a year, has found one! Way to go dude.

The fact he went down this path is funny to me, since I am the one who originally chose psychology as a major in college, and then determined that sitting listening to people complain and whine and not want any fuctional assistance in finding a solution or are really interested in changing their lives in any way was NOT my idea of a good career choice. I know that I could have gone in many directions with that degree that would not have entailed such painful experiences, but I found a different path that suits me a bit better. Now, if I could be the female Dr. Phil, THAT would be a good time. The first time I saw him on TV give someone some whatfor about their self destructive behavior and how they had the power to fix that if they wanted to, I was all like "YES!!! Why didn't I think of doing this?" Then he went and got all Oprahfied and now he is kind of a joke. My brother on the other hand went for the self directed undergrad degree, then a masters in script writing or something like that, and then FINALLY a degree in counseling.

I am VERY happy for you dude, and wish you the best with it. Oregon will be a healthier place now with you out there healing everyone.


Chip said...

The thing is... you can FIRE clients who don't wanna do the work.

I LIVE for that. :)

Audubon Ron said...

My wife is a therapist. Child therapist. The little wins keep her going.