Thursday, January 1, 2009

As promised...One very tolerant Santa

Here it is, the photo that Cooper may well use as exhibit A when detailing the reasons he is seeking therapy in the future. Because his mama is a harsh mistress and will make him sit on Santa's lap even when it is VERY apparent he

In other news, it is currently 12 degrees out. It started out at 5 degrees, so this is progress. It is so cold we are having trouble getting the inside temperature to break 65 degrees. This is the kind of cold that helps you figure out where your house is inefficient in terms of heat retention and cold deflection.

Also, the Bob bought a new pair of running shoes, which he does every 500 miles of running or so. He is a committed Saucony man. Nice big toe box as I have been told. For anyone who runs, this makes sense. The problem is that every time a new pair arrives in the house, I wander around wondering who let a horse into my house. He thinks I am insane, and I may well be, but this is not the supporting evidence. His new shoes smell like a saddle. They have almost no leather on them as far as I can tell, but they smell like a friendly horse. Not one whose stall needs to be mucked, but one who has been freshly brushed and is waiting to be ridden.

I have had several dreams recently featuring my recently departed friend Dave. In the first one, Jim came to visit, and Dave's ghost came along. Just like it was totally normal for him to be here, commenting on a few things in the house, like the Christmas tree and the moose. The second one was just him, and he was still a ghost, but telling me that he was quite happy hanging around his house keeping tabs on Jim. I told Jim I had had these dreams, and he said strange things have been happening at the house, like doorbells ringing in the middle of the night but no one is there, or things falling off the walls. He thinks he is being haunted by Dave. I would not be surprised. I don't think Dave was interested in leaving this life and might hang on when he shouldn't. Jim keeps telling him to move on so they can meet down the road sometime in another life, another world.

Happy New Year all. I am off to find a recipe for a pie and another one for a veggie lasagna. My friend Diana is coming over for dinner and she doesn't eat meat.

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