Monday, January 26, 2009

And the beat goes on

I shall begin this post by saying what I seem to be saying a LOT lately: GAAAAAH.

Over the last week or so we have been experiencing low water pressure in our house and some sediment or dirt in the water coming out of the faucets. You see it the most in the tub, where there is no screen on the faucet. So I called the city. Nope, there haven't been any issues, they haven't been flushing the lines or anything like that. So they sent a dude to the house today, who, within about 30 seconds had diagnosed the problem as a water leak. The good news is it is outside the house, so it has not been effecting our water bill. And it is not flooding into the basement. However, it remains to be seen if the leak in on our property or outside of it, in the street. The latter is preferable, as that is the city's problem to fix. If it is on our property, it our problem to fix. Hence the GAAAAAH.

Our driveway is barely longer than a car length, so if it has to be dug up, it isn't a long one. That is what they would have to dig up too. The shut off valve is right at the end of the driveway, smack in the middle of it. Which is good because if it were in the lawn it would be under three feet of solid rock hard snow and ice.

I asked how urgent a problem this would be to fix. Since it is 22 degrees right now, at 10:45am, and we are due to get another 12 inches of snow this week, it would be very very very difficult for anyone to dig up the driveway or the street right now. So we could probably put it off for awhile, but there is the issue of the dirt in my water. I am thinking a whole house water filtration system is cheaper than digging up my yard right now. Not to mention that then we would have to redo the driveway too. LIKE I HAVE THIS KIND OF MONEY.

The dude said that eventually the water would show up, somewhere. It is going into the ground, but if it is big enough eventually the water will work its way to the surface, somewhere. I respectfully request from the powers that be, God, Buddha, Allah, Poseidon, Thor, whomever is listening, that the water NOT surface in my basement or my neighbor's basement. Thank you.

To review, this house has required a sump pump to be installed to deal with flooding in another part of the the basement and then it almost burned down because of a power surge caused by the relay blowing up on the pole. We had to replace the wall behind the stove because water was getting in there. Which led to replacing the counter tops, which almost led to replacing the cupboards if it hadn't been for some ingenious work on the part of the installation guy. The pool pump died this summer.
And the pool filter needs to replaced this summer.

I am ready to win the lottery now.


Dproudmama said...

SNL Anna Rosanna Dana - "It's always somting." Sorry this is going on.

Chip said...

Do you play the lottery? That helps with the odds of winning, nil to astronomical.

MidLifeMama said...

No, we don't play the lottery. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't LIKE to win.