Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The universe is mocking me..UPDATED

Right. Let's review: The Bob gets laid off on Thursday. Yesterday we find out we have a water leak that may or may not be our problem to resolve (finding still unknown at this time, the city has not come back yet). And today, Cooper has pneumonia. He had been coughing and was running a fever beginning Sunday. Yesterday he stayed home and seemed somewhat improved, except he didn't want to eat or drink, since it made him cough. Last night he still had a mild fever so I said that it was likely he would need to see the doctor in the morning. The Bob gave me the hairy eyeball, like "Okaaaay, you paranoid mom".

Hmph. Bob took him to the doctor this morning and who is crazy now? Officially no one is allowed to question me when I say my child needs to go to the doctor. Last time he had strep. This time pneumonia.

He was a preemie, and they are predisposed to breathing related problems, but he had not, up to now, had any. He had not been on respiratory assistance when born, so we thought maybe he would defy the odds. Guess not. So now he has to use a nebulizer or however you spell that word. Oh goody. Because the thing 2 year olds are best at is sitting still with a mask on their face breathing in mist for 10 minutes.

At least we found out today. We didn't wait until he was more sick and not breathing, turning blue in the middle of a snow storm tomorrow. That would probably have earned him a trip to the emergency room.

What is next, dear universe? I will tell you what I would LIKE to have happen, just to get the good mojo out there: Bob is offered a great job with great pay that he could start next week. Even the week after. The city determines that the water leak is their problem to resolve. Cooper gets over his pneumonia and is fine, no lingering side effects. Nothing else bad happens. The sun rises, the snow melts, spring comes and the flowers bloom. Life goes on. And the Publishers Clearing House guys show up on my front porch with the balloons and big check to tell me that I am the winner of the $5000 a week for life contest. And then I live to be a happy, healthy, 105.

That pretty much covers it. Thanks.

Update: Oh like I expected anything else - yes, the water leak IS on our property. I am off to find a plumbing contractor.


Issas Crazy World said...

I came here from the BlogHer list, but since I have a child with asthma, I thought I might be able to help.

If your son likes a certain TV show, turn it on, put him in your lap and hold the mask on him. He's old enough to understand that it will help him breath, while still young enough to fight you on it. But I found that bribery and TV were the best at that age. TV to get them to sit still and a bribe of fruit snacks or something after if he sits nicely for it. Also, if when he's tired, he lets you read too him for a while, that's also a good time. He may fight you the first few times, but hopefully he'll get used to it in a day or two. Good luck and I hope he gets better soon.

Issas Crazy World said...

Oh and also, ten minutes is what they want...but if he can do seven or eight only, go with it. :)

MidLifeMama said...

Thank you so much for the feedback. He does get that it helps, and watching his favorite show helps. He likes the fish face on the mask too.

Oz said...

Damn universe. That just sucks.

Chip said...

I apologize if my muddy mojo has meandered your way. I really am sorry. Gimme a few months of working and I'll take it back.

Um, the SiL says we don't want it back though.

intelligence said...