Saturday, June 21, 2008

You cannot deny your DNA

First of all, a new video, I hope, of the Coop, blowing kisses.

Secondly, tragedy struck in our backyard this morning. The schnauzers, doing what they were bred as a breed to do, hunted down one of the baby robins that made the fateful error of landing in our backyard. Gus, the one who has been waiting his entire life for this moment, lost his mind as he watched Poncho, the younger one, capture the poor bird. Then Gus got his teeth on it and was bound and determined not to let go. I managed to get to him before he ate it, but it was dead. There I was, 6:30am on a Saturday morning, in my PJ's in the backyard, holding my dog and shaking him up and down saying "let go of that bird, let go let go let go". Meanwhile, mamma or papa bird was nearby yelling his or her birdy alert in a panic. Sadly, the bird did not survive its encounter with the schnauzers, but at least Gus didn't get to eat it. He did drop it as he attempted to get a better hold on it.

My mother had her surgery yesterday, and all reports are she is doing well. My dad was VERY upset as she looks pretty beat up I guess, but the professionals are saying she is doing well. I will be out there a week from tomorrow and by then she should be home.

On with my day.

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