Friday, June 13, 2008

It is just me and the schnauzers today.

There are four baby birds, not three. At first I could only see three, but today I confirmed the existence of the fourth. The pictures here are not great, I have to stand on Cooper's little stepping stool and take the picture out of the top of the window that the air conditioner is in. But there they are! Bob wants to call them Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp. I said which one gets to be Shemp? Cause no one wants to be Shemp.

I am on an antibiotic now. I went to see the dentist and the back up doctor for mine who is on vacation yesterday. So my crown is back in place, and the doctor agreed that neon green business coming out of my nose was indicitive of an infection. I feel moderately better today, but that might have something to do with the fact that I am home alone with just the two schnauzers. Bob took Cooper to day care and I got to take the dogs for a walk, take a very long hot shower and then a nap. Wheeeeeee. And I am reading a book. I know - reading in uninterupted stretches! I am reading a book called Dead Man's Hand, a collection of crime short stories that center around poker. One of my favorite crime authors, Michael Connelly, has a short Harry Bosch story in it.

The pool guys are coming to open the pool today. If only it had been opened two weeks ago. We could have used it this last week with the 90 degree heat. I could probably learn how to do the opening and closing myself, but the cover is hard to get on and off. I would hate to screw up the filter too. Paying them to do it is cheaper than replacing the filter.

That is it. I hope Cooper likes swimming. He didn't get to do much last summer. He was pretty small. But of course there will be pictures.

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