Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So this is a new week. A week in which so far Cooper is healthy. Tomorrow, on the 11th he will be 19 months old. Amazing. We had our wellness visit with the doctor today, and he is REALLY tall for his age, 33 inches, and normal in weight, 26lbs. His noggin on the other hand - GINORMOUS. More room for that super genius brain, as the Bob likes to say. And you can see said noggin, with his new big boy hair do in the pics. The first one, his Ricco Suave pose as I like to call it, with a slight lift to one brow as if to say, "Oh reeeeeaally" is followed by his booger shot. The finger went right up the nose. And dug around. He seemed to enjoy the sensation. Boys. I am doomed in this household - I am the only female. The husband, the son, and three male dogs. Neutered male dogs, but none the less male. I used to have two female cats, but they both passed on a few years ago at the ripe old age of 16 or so.

Speaking of boys vs. girls, how do boys learn to spit? Is there a class, some secret club that they all get a secret invitation to that girls don't? I ask, because, oh wait - TMI ALERT - this morning, in the shower, I felt the need to divest myself of some excess congestion. I am still fighting this cold. It is NOT strep throat, thank you Newton Wellesley Urgent Care Center for that diagnosis. My primary care doc manages to be away every time I have a need for his services. Anyway, I was super congested, standing in a shower that was as hot as I could stand it, wondering how to spit. Hock a loogie as it were. I seemed to have missed that lesson somewhere in my childhood. My effort was pathetic at best. But every guy I know can hock one up and shoot it right out without missing a beat. I think much like they offer those car maintenance classes for women, there should be a few classes on things like spitting, hocking loogies and drumming the drum part to "Wipe Out". No woman I have ever met can do that, but almost any guy you ask can. Try it out sometime. You are sitting at the bar, before or after dinner, and there is a lull in the conversation, pick ANY guy at random and ask them to drum the drum part from "Wipe Out". Chances are they can.

Then again, I will gladly give up that skill for one that I find much more useful, like being able to find ANYTHING in the fridge without asking someone else "where is ____". Boys.

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