Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aaaaggghhhh oooowwwwooooowwwww whimper

So I don't have strep throat, but I do have a VERY sore throat. And a cough. And nasal congestion. And right now a raging headache. Oh, and did I mention that while flossing my teeth tonight (I practice good dental hygiene) I popped the temporary crown off my back tooth? From the neck up I am a festival of pain. Cold or hot beverages cause pain when I swallow, and now pain in my tooth because the nerve is exposed.

I want my mommy. And she lives 3000 miles away. I would call but talking induces a coughing fit that makes me want to vomit. So, since I banished myself to the couch in the living room because I had a major coughing fit and thought at least one of us should get a decent nights' sleep, and because I took MucinexD, with the real honest to goodness psuedophed in it - you know, the stuff the crystal meth dealers use to make their product so now we all feel a little like criminals when we go to the pharmacy to ask for it - I am not as sleepy as I was two hours ago. But at least my head congestion is better. I can breath through both nostrils at once! And while I am still coughing, it is much less gasping for air and more I want to get that tickle out of my throat. But because I am awake at the moment and can't call my mom for fear of waking the neighbors coughing, I am blogging.

We have baby birds. I took pictures but don't have the wherewithall to load them right now, so maybe tomorrow. But there appear to be three baby robins in the nest outside our window.

Speaking of baby birds, the toddler room at my son's day care decided to try hatching duck eggs. They had 12 eggs, they have 3 ducklings. They are going to a farm out further from Boston once they are ready to go. And I don't mean that figuratively, as in Lassie went to the farm Timmy, she's happier there, but they will really go live on a farm. They are supposed to grow up to be those white ducks you kind of expect to find on a farm.

Speaking of raising ducks, Audobon Ron at blogged recently about dreams and how his wife has very vivid dreams. So do I. I was teaching a psychology class at a community college once upon a time and we were doing the section on dream interpretation when I happened to have a dream that I was walking across a very dark space, like a stage, with spot lights every so often (think Marcus Welby if you are old enough to know that reference). As I walked through these spots of light I walked into one where a man was standing waiting for me. He was familiar to me, or to my dream self that is, and he hugged me and said "You have a choice, you can go with me now or you can go back for awhile longer". I thought for a moment and said that I would like to go back for awhile longer, that I had some more stuff to do. At which point he smiled a very satisfied smile and I woke up like I had been shot, sitting straight up in bed. I shared this dream with my class, and Shaniqua, this absolute riot of woman in my class said "That was God honey, and if you had said you were going with him, you would not have woken up."

That might be. I kind of like the idea that it was God, that maybe I had served whatever purpose I was put on this earth to serve, and now could go on to the beyond, or I could choose to stick around and do more stuff. Hopefully good stuff. Another friend of mine agreed that it was God, and was amazed, saying that there are holy people around the world who spend their lifetimes meditating and trying to speak to and hear from God and all I did was have a dream. Personally I think the divine is around us all the time, we simply are not paying attention. Too many of us sleep walk through this life, worried about the mortgage or gas prices or whether this guy or that girl likes us and we don't see the important things in our every day lives that make this life so very precious and beautiful. I feel it very acutely with Cooper and Bob. Cooper came into my life later than I think most people expect to have kids, but I feel that I am better equipped to handle it and appreciate it more now than I would have been in my 20's. I try to take that moment every day to just soak it up, be with him and see him for his little divine self. In yoga class you traditionally close a class by saying Namaste to your fellow yogis. This loosely translated means the divine bright shiny part of me sees and acknowledges and rejoices in the divine bright shiny part of you.

So despite my misery right now, I say Namaste to all you out there in blogger land. Try to see the divine, bright shiny parts of your life at least once a day and rejoice in them.


Oz said...

I love that the post starts with sickness, goes to ducks, and ends with a touching thought about seeing the bright shininess in one another. You're shiny brightness is bursting through the sickness.

Oz said...

I just realized I typed you're instead of your. How embarassing.

mkosboth said...

Ha. I love grammar mistakes. I make those and spelling mistakes all the time I am sure. Thanks for the comment. I am on an antibiotic now, and already feel much better!