Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The week at hand...

Okay, so today we got a diagnosis of an ear infection in Cooper. It is early on, so we hope the medicine will make a difference quickly. These pictures are of him being somewhate miserable, sitting in his BackYardigans chair and not crying.

We thought he was better, the eye ball was looking good, he seemed in good spirits and not running a fever, so off to school he went. At 3pm they called me. He had gotten up from his nap, crying, and then coughing and then he yakked all over himself. It was the mucus of course. And possibly the pain from the ear. So we went home, called the doctor and now we have more medicine. Whoohoo. It isn't like I NEED to go to work or anything.

In other news, two friends of mine eloped a few months ago, and they had their wedding reception/party this past Sunday. It was held at the house of a mutual friend of ours. The party was lovely. I got to see people I haven't seen in years. The weather cooperated and it didn't rain until late into the party. I entertained people by going a bit retro and using my Polaroid camera to take pictures. That's right - POLAROID. Old school baby. Not totally old school - you don't have to peel the paper back and wave the print to dry it as it develops. But it is fun to take pictures you can't redo and wait to see them develop. I am going to make an album of the pictures for the new bride and groom. I also believe that people look better in these photos than they do in digital photos. There is a depth to "real" film you lose in digital. Everyone said so when they saw their pictures.

The one dark moment in this fun event was the crazy Russian. She owns the house. She is a lovely woman generally, very generous and funny. But the last few times she has seen me, she has said, in about the first 12 seconds, something along the lines of when am I going to lose weight. You heard me. Imagine Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, coming up to you and saying "what are you going to do about losing the weight". Not that she is a petite flower herself, she could lose a few (30 or 40) lbs herself. She actually had the balls to ask me if I was having another one. Baby that is. I have actually lost 10lbs since she last saw me! Grrr. I am over 40 and I had a baby 18 months ago. This is not an easy battle. The laws of biology are against me. But I am trying. The big thing for her is SHE wants to lose weight, and is projecting that on me. Thanks. I need your baggage AND mine. What crazy person says this to another person at a fun event like this. The crazy Russian, that is who. Sigh.

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Oz said...

The Russian is totally nutso. I'm sure you look fabulous.

That picture of Cooper in his little green chair, looking sick and forlorn, is so sad, yet still adorable. Hives are no fun. Poor kid.