Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ugh. My mother STILL has not had her surgery. The good news is she is well enough that she isn't on death's doorstep. The bad news is she is sitting in a hospital room, hooked up and not able to do much of anything. Which she shouldn't she had a heart attack and needs a bypass. But it is frustrating. Her platelets were low, and she may be allergic to heparin, the anti coagulant they used when she was taken to the hospital, so they have to work those things out before doing the surgery. Yes, please do. I would rather there are no surprises when this happens.

In other news, Cooper's ear infection never went away completely, and has resurfaced in both ears. So we are now trying a different, more potent antibiotic that has the lovely effect of giving him the runs. Temporarily, so we have been told, but still. The thing is that my kid is SO GOOD even when sick, it is hard to complain about it. He is not a screaming meemie, he just looks sad. He was running a 102 temp and just looked sad and flopped on me on the couch and kind of moaned. Like Billy Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally" and he is on the phone, going "uuuuuhhhhhnnn" because he thinks he has something.

All will be better in the end. It has to be.

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