Sunday, June 15, 2008

To my mom...on Father's Day.

Yesterday I was informed that my mother suffered a heart attack. She is currently in the hospital and awaiting bypass surgery which will happen in a day or so. She is in Oregon, I am not. I am in Boston. This is not ideal. Fortunately my brother IS in Oregon, and lives only two blocks from my parents, so he is now officially in charge of my dad and of relaying info to me. They have both said I should not go out right now. She is stable and my uncle, who is a retired surgeon, has confirmed that she is doing well. Still it is hard. I am, of course, worried for her, but also for my dad. He is pretty dependent on her and this is not the way he would have liked to have spent Father's day. They have been married since 1959. More than half their lives they have been together.

I will go out in a few weeks. With prices for flights being what they are I may have to sell a kidney to get there, but I need to go. This will leave the Bob in charge of all the dogs and the kiddo, but he will manage.

So to my dad - Happy Father's day and I wish it was a better one. To my mom - what can I say...I wish this wasn't happening and I hope you get better soon and I miss you both.


Oz said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I wish her a smooth recovery, and hope you're able to get out to see her soon.

mkosboth said...

I will be out there the first week of July. She is doing well all things considered. Thanks for the support! M