Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is all I have to say after getting up at 3:30am and trying only partially successfully to get another hour or so of sleep before dragging my ass to work and leaving The Bob in charge for another day.

I am so tired. I haven't felt this tired since Cooper was a tiny baby getting up every four hours to eat. But even then he would eat and then GO BACK TO SLEEP.

I feel badly for him because I know he doesn't feel good, and he isn't eating properly so he is probably hungry. But dear GOD I cannot handle this and I know it is wearing thin on The Bob too.

I hope he is well enough to go to school tomorrow, which will go a long way toward restoring balance in our lives.


Dproudmama said...

Hmmm - sounds as if Bossy would be passing up a rare treat there. Sleep deprived people, germs, dogs, etc. Ah - a normal house. Wish I was a help.

Audubon Ron said...

Here's hoping the little one is feeling better and you can sleep.