Friday, January 29, 2010

Old business, new business and What is happening to yogurt

In the category of old business, our basement did NOT flood, the sump pump did its job and we are happy. Also, the Instrument of Death for the mice in our basement, i.e. the Zapper, has killed four mice so far. FOUR. I will check and check and go for weeks without anything, and then just like last night, I will find it has zapped one on down the road to the big mouse farm. Yippee for the Zapper.

In newish news, we were on Vomit Watch 2010 for the last few days in our house because on Tuesday I arrived at Coopers school to find that they were on hazmat lock down in his room because one of his friends threw up. ON COOPER. Oh LORD HAVE MERCY this tested the bounds of my love for my child. They had changed his pants, and had given the pants to the friends' parents to wash, which was nice of them but honestly, I never want to see the pants again. I am a WIMP when it comes to vomit. Well, I have gotten better about it since having Cooper, because there is very little you can do when you have an infant or toddler and they are vomiting on you except to take the hit and hose down later. But I very briefly entertained the idea of saying "You can keep him for the next four days" when they told me someone had thrown up on him.

But I didn't. I brought him home and tried not to appear too obvious about attempting to avoid actual contact with him til I could get him home and strip off the clothes and disinfect him. I really should keep a log of things I am pretty sure will come up in his therapy sessions later in life. See how many I get right. The end of this story is that we remain vomit free in our house, for now, and I am pretty sure Cooper still knows I love him.

Now on to yogurt. Has anyone noticed what is happening to individual sized yogurt containers? They are shrinking. 8oz. used to be the norm. Now it is 6. Why? Did someone complain that those 2 extra ounces were unnecessary, going to waste? Oh I know it is about money, but stop it. Because I liked the 8oz. size. There are two places I can still get an 8oz. container - my local Hannaford's store brand yogurt is still 8oz. and Costco's Kirkland brand yogurt is still 8oz. The Shaw's down the street just makes me extra crazy. Not only are ALL of the yogurts 6oz., or smaller in some cases - I mean WHY BOTHER??? - but they almost never have peach LOW fat yogurt. Cooper likes his peach yogurt, but I don't want to buy him the non fat yogurt, or the low sugar sweetened with Aspartame or Splenda business because our family has enough gas already thank you very much. In the event you don't already know this, Splenda can cause serious gas in people, and Aspartame, i.e. nutrasweet, can cause migraines. It's like they are trying to kill me with yogurt. One of the healthiest foods on the planet and they are making it deadly.

I can buy full fat yogurt in the large containers, but they never have that in peach. Vanilla, plain and strawberry, but not peach. Which works for smoothies but not for sending in his lunch.

It is a small complaint in comparison to the struggles of the people of Haiti, I do recognize that. But is it too much to ask that I can find 8oz. peach low or full fat yogurts? Really. And this doesn't even begin to touch the subject of the TOPS on the yogurt containers, or lack thereof. They used to have the foil seal, and a plastic lid. The lid came in handy for two reasons: you could reseal the yogurt if you opened it and then had to stop eating for some reason, and it kept things from damaging the foil seal before you were ready to eat it. I have found upon getting home from shopping that every so often something, likely a fingernail of the odd check out lady at the store, or some other item in my grocery bag, has punctured the foil. Now I am not eating that yogurt at all. It makes me a little angry. Again, Costco wins because not only do their yogurts come in 8oz. containers, they come with plastic lids. AND they come in a package of 12, which has a cardboard layer on top and bottom, so NO ONE is poking their fingers in my yogurt at Costco! The only disadvantage is that I have to go to Costco to buy it, and sometimes that is more of a commitment to shopping that I need to make to buy yogurt.

I guess if this is my only complaint, I am doing pretty well.


Chip said...

Ah, but our yogurt has fewer calories and all that stuff than the other yogurts! BECAUSE we're SMALLER!

Oz said...

I read somewhere that you're not supposed to show how foul your child's poop is, so that you don't scar him/her. This was written by a crazy person with no sense of smell. Poop, especially toddler dumps, is gross. Ninety percent of the population has parents who cringe at their poop and/or vomit, and we mostly turn out OK, right? So, if Cooper needs therapy because you are grossed out by vomit, well, Axel will need therapy because I almost puke (and actually did once, when pregnant) when I change his poo diapers.

As for yogurt, I don't know what to tell you. That's just weird.

Audubon Ron said...

I get the Little Woman to handle all things vomit.

Susan said...

I understand your torment - I have similar issues with groceery items that they keep changing. I wish they would just be honest and raise the price. They are not fooling anyone.