Friday, January 15, 2010

A helping hand

Even though my life is full of anxiety about money, work, or lack of it, and all, I still have a house, a car, food on the table, a husband/partner/friend and a son who are healthy and happy. I have an abundance, my cup overflows.

I have a hard time seeing the news about anyone who is suffering, and obviously what is happening in Haiti is just as hard as any.

There are many ways and opportunities to give, even if it is just $5 to help them. There are some scammers, but there are some legitimate ways - through the Red Cross, The Salvation Army, on Facebook and Twitter, via several cell phone options.

Mrs. G over at The Women's Colony has set up an Oxfam site to accept donations that will go to the efforts in Haiti. I like donating through an organization that is already established and has the organization in place to put that money to use right away and in the ways most needed. If you are so inclined, go here to donate. Her goal is $1000 but I hope she gets more.

And thanks for your comments yesterday! It is fun to see who visits.

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