Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Add 8 toddlers, 11 parents, one bottle of tequila and gently stir...

At least we had the toddlers out numbered, but there were a lot of kids in my back yard yesterday. And parents. We did an impromptu pool party and despite the temperature in the pool only reaching 72, everyone had a good time. At one point our next door neighbor realized he had locked himself, his wife, and their twin daughters out of the house, but managed to find his way back in through a window, with the help of The Bob and our ladder. To compensate he came back out with a blender full of crushed ice, tequila and margerita mix.

I don't drink tequila. It is a baaaaaad baaaaaad thing if the mamma drinks tequila. I get very very bitchy. Whatever filter I have that keeps me from saying those things that we all think but should stay inside our heads and not even appear in one of those thought bubbles above your head, much less be uttered out loud, well that filter is completely removed by tequila. So for the preservation of my marriage, my friendships and civilization as we know it, I don't do margeritas. But there is always wine, so I wasn't left out.

The kids were all 3 years old or younger, and there was much negotiating about the floaty boat that you can sit in and "drive" around the pool. It has a horn. Of course it was popular. And there was the inflatable dinosaur, that came from the Boston Science Museum and is not actually a pool toy, but if you inflate it to it's maximum, it will stand on the water like a T-Rex Jesus. So that was fun. But the most fun was when I produced the cupcakes.

I don't know at what point in my life I forgot about the joy of the cupcake, but if you watch any little kid with one, you suddenly remember how perfect the cupcake is. It is your own personal little cake that you can mash, lick the icing off of, and generally eat with abandone. And these were just from the grocery store. Not even SPECIAL cupcakes. One note though: when feeding cupcakes to more than two toddlers, it might be safer to just launch them from the deck into the waiting throng below in the backyard, like you were feeding alligators at the zoo. Trying to get a cupcake out of the plastic container that has an individual indentation for each cake, while keeping 40 fingers from mashing the ones that are still in the container is IMPOSSIBLE.

Then The Bob had the genius thought to bring out the ice pops. As if there wasn't enough sugar in the cupcakes already. But they were a HIT.

Fortunately while there were a few cupcake casualties, none ended up in the pool looking like a turd. That might have caused some serious mayhem.

All in all the party was a hit. It only took all summer to pull it off. The pool season is winding down. If we had a heater on the pool we would get another month out of it, but that is 5 months of day care worth of money. So it isn't happening unless I hit the lottery. Oh well.


Audubon Ron said...

Sounds like a fun party. Is there such a thing as a "special" cubcake?

mkosboth said...

Perhaps "gourmet" would be a better word. I have heard tale of some spectacular cupcakes from some gourmet bakeries.

Oz said...

I'm sort of bummed there aren't any toddlers eating cupcakes pictures.

In my opinion, tequila is a bad, bad thing for 90% of the population, me included. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Mr Lady said...

I don't get bitchy, I get slutty. And when I say slutty, I mean that I get presents 9 months later. I once spent an entire night attempting to sober up while making out with my best friend. WHO WAS A CHICK. While her husband laughed at us.

Needless to say, I don't ever touch tequila anymore. Much to the dismay of her husband.