Monday, September 15, 2008

I might need to lay down and take a nap

Stress does that to me. My brother and I joke that we have a genetic disorder, stress induced napping. SIN. Anyway, today was not fun for a variety of reasons, only two of which I can share. One, the dude I offered the position in my office to declined to come to work for me, mostly because of the money. Sigh. And then the Bob informed me that when he picked up Cooper from day care he got the "Cooper was having hard time with his listening today" speech. I have also gotten this speech, from the same teacher. She is new, so I am still feeling out how she interprets not quite 2 year old behavior. Tell me, how are you doing with those listening skills with the other 15 to 20 month olds in the class? As my neighbor said, that is like saying "he colors outside the lines". Whatever.

I realize that neither of those are earth shattering, even in combination they are pretty lame, but they were delivered on top of a whopper of a bad day in other respects, none of which I can actually talk about so I won't, but it was NOT FUN.

However, I did do something at the end of the day that was FUN. And scary. And creative. And scary. I joined the jazz ensemble at our college. I have not sung in a public forum in 4,256 years. I have missed it. One of my coworkers is in the ensemble, and in talking to him I discovered they were short on vocalists. Female ones. I figured what else do I do with my Monday evenings. Besides being a mom of course. So I went to rehearsal today. The guy who leads it is a real jazz musician, and by real I mean he performs for money in public and teaches music to other people. He COMPLIMENTED me. He said thank you for joining. He is excited about where we can go with this ensemble with all this talent. He said that. Meaning all of the participants, not just me.

It was a nice ending to a frustrating day. We are singing, so far, Take the A Train, New York State of Mind, Stormy Monday and Fire and Rain. The last one I am on the fence about, but it can sound good. I don't want to be that group of middle aged white people who do cover songs of 70's music. I LOVE jazz standards. But we will have fun and that is what it is all about.


Susie said...

First of all, a teacher going on about listening skills in the under 2 set is just whack. I say try to ignore it.

Secondly, I am very jealous of your singing outlet! I miss my college chorus, I perform in lots of other venues, but singing in a group is the best.

Oh and congrats on my weight loss -- my heroine!

mkosboth said...

I MISS YOUR BLOG!!! Felber's Frolics is not nearly as informative. You are apparently way too busy for your own good. Sigh. Thanks for the comments. We will take all teacher comments with a grain of salt.

Oz said...

Yay for your weight loss and your singing! I stepped on the scale and found that eating mass amounts of brownies after the baby goes to sleep does exactly what you would think it does. I need to get myself a treadmill.

mkosboth said...

OZ - don't deny yourself the brownies though! I love my treadmill. I like working out in the privacy of my basement, even if it is just a cinder block dungeon.