Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Real Ol Blue Eyes

Back when I was much younger, my mother informed me that while many people considered Frank Sinatra to be "Ol Blue Eyes" the man she considered to be the REAL Ol Blue Eyes was Paul Newman. He was one of her favorites. And I have to say that over the years I have appreciated him too. He was an actor of extraordinary talent, a humanitarian, a family man who stayed married to the same woman for half a million years, and was from Ohio, which for anyone who has lived there for any length of time means he was practically family. And oh yeah, not too hard to look at, even as he got older. The guy had it. He was the whole package.

Today we have to say good bye to Mr. Newman. Many people have written much nicer more thoughtful things than I can write. People who actually knew him and worked with him. I will simply say that just coincidentally we happened to watch the movie Cars today, and it was one his last performances, as the voice of Doc Hudson, The Hudson Hornet and it was a great performance. You will be missed Paul Newman. Thanks for everything.

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