Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Laurel and Hardy of grandparents

My neighbors were at Disney all week, and one set of grandparents were in charge of their dog while they were gone. They were also in charge of retrieving the family from the airport, which entailed using the family van. This meant they would deliver the dog back at the same time they were picking up the van to go to the airport. Two evenings ago I heard voices in front of my house and went to the door to check on what was going on. There was grandma, in her nightshirt, with her hair tied up with some sort of ribbon, in flip flops, with the dog wrapping her up in her leash, while holding the dog bed in the other hand. Grandpa was running back and forth between house and car talking loudly about the fact he couldn't find the key to the house, (which also meant he didn't have the keys to the van), but he had a screw driver with him. This illicited the following response from Grandma (it is best appreciated if you can hear it being said with a heavy Boston accent): "Oh my Lord in heaven, are you retahted?" Even now I am not sure if she was speaking to the dog or her husband.

Apparently a decision was made to return to their house to get the keys, rather than break into the house with a screw driver and hotwiring the van. Grandma really was in her nightshirt, much to the distress man of the household, since this was his mother-in-law and he found her thusly attired on his couch when they were delivered home around 11pm by the grandfather. I guess going to the airport in your pajamas was too risque even for her. I am kind of surprised though, because this is the same woman who I once observed in a conversation in the backyard with her two daughters and the other grandmother, discussing the fact that her boobs were falling out of her bra. And by way of demonstration she leaned forward, pulled the top of her top open and showed them how her boobs were falling out of the bottom of her bra.

I should point out I was politely sitting on my deck having a cup of tea and reading while Cooper played. I was not skulking in the bushes waiting for someone to flash me her boobs. The way our houses are situated, should the other neighbors have been out and about, no less than 6 people would have been able to give a detailed description to Victoria's Secret about the shortcomings of their Apex bra as illustrated by my neighbors' mother.

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