Saturday, September 20, 2008

Musings on yard sales and Face Book

I have a love/hate relationship with the Yard Sale. I love getting rid of stuff and possibly making some cash in the process, I HATE haggling over a vase I have a 25 cent price on with someone who seems determined on getting it for a dime. For no good reason except to get it for less than it is priced.

I live in a neighborhood that runs a BIG yard sale once a year. In fact there is a neighborhood association, a newsletter and even a scholarship fund. They are organized. I would say "we" except I am not involved, yet, in the association. Anyway, we decided to participate in the yard sale this year, which was today. Two of my friends decided to join me, which actually worked out well. I think if you have more stuff out, more people stop by. Anyway, I managed to make about $120 selling the high chair, pack and play, baby car seat and two bases for the car seat, a working printer/scanner/copier we didn't need, an antique high chair that I have carted around for far too long and now do not need in my life, two windows from an old farm house that again, I have carted around for way too long and will never put to use, and a few other odds and ends. It was a gorgeous day, which helps, and it was a worthwhile effort. I didn't even have to haggle with people too much. Things were priced to sell!

The other good news is Cooper is too young to know I sold stuff that was his, and now my dining room has more, well, ROOM.

The other thing I did this weekend is get on Face Book. This was something I just didn't see fitting into my life. But I decided to see what it was all about. I just created a very basic profile, and a day later BAM I get this email that someone I went to college with wanted to be friends. Of course I said yes and thus began the trip down the rabbit hole, right into 1986. That would be the year I graduated from Geneva College. But finding Eric meant finding all of these other people and pictures of Geneva and one major flashback after another.

What I have also discovered is that if you don't think about someone or something for, oh 22 years, you forget things. Like names, faces, names, places, names. I need to find my year books to figure out who some of these people were then, so I can acquaint myself with who they are now.

I am also becoming aware of how much I have changed in the 22 years since I have been at Geneva and I am not talking about the number I see when I step on the scale. I am not as conservative or religious as I was at that time in my life. I don't think about these things much, until I am confronted with those memories, that institution that still stands for those sensibilities. My life has taken many turns I never would have imagined when I was sitting around my dorm room or talking with friends in the dining hall. I have very few regrets, if any. But it is an interesting exercise in introspection.

A person could spend a LOT of time blogging and face booking. I don't have that much to spare, what with the whole being a mom and working and launching my new singing career (HA), so I probably won't use either outlet to its fullest potential, but I will enjoy my trips to Wonderland when I go!

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