Monday, September 22, 2008

A comment on comments

Huh. I like reading Heather Armstrong's blog, I don't ever think about commenting on her blog, even if I have thoughts on her postings and here is why - Friday's post on her blog has received, so far, 3148 comments. 3148. When I first read it, by the time I got around to reading it, there were already 300 or so. Then I checked again this morning, and it was up to 3009. In a few hours there were 140 more comments. All about what to name a dog.

I don't want that many people reading this blog. The responsibility seems enormous, and I work full time and have a child. I don't have time for reading 3148, wait, in two minutes it became 3152, comments. Seriously, in the time it took me to write those sentences, more people commented on what to name this dog she got a friend of hers to adopt from the Humane Society. More people than work at and attend this college combined commented on her blog. I am sure more than that READ her blog. Like me. I read it, I just don't comment. Do you think Heather is reading all of the comments? And what about her email? She must get thousands of emails a day. It is wigging me out being on Facebook. Someone I haven't thought about in 22 years friended me. And then I looked at who his friends are, and found someone I would rather not find again. Or more accurately, don't want to be found by. It isn't a stalker kind of thing. It was more of case of eliminating needy people from my life and not wanting them back in. I guess if that guy tries to friend me I can just not friend him back but that seems so high school and BAH this is why I wasn't going to do the Facebook thing.

And now it is 3167 comments. That is too many people with too much to say about what to name a dog. One they don't even know!


Susie said...

Ya, Facebook is bizarre -- you will remeet everyone you ever knew. It's good, mostly, but ya, also freaky.

When Cooper grows up, he will be able to find everyone he ever knew. No one will be lost.

Me, I went through the freak out and decided, what the heck. I don't put anything on FB that's private. But I also don't friend or accept people I don't know.

The best part of FB -- finding out my high school enemy who became a hot shot gazillionaire, was just arrested on 40 counts of grand larceny and faces up to 25 years in the clink. Awesome. If it weren't for FB, I wouldn't have known. Even better? I learned everybody hated him. And there was comfort in that.

So, you know, wait and the good stuff will come. :)

Oz said...

I just joined Facebook and it creeps me out. It's only been a week and I want to delete my profile, and it's private. This is weird, since I have a blog and all, but I just would rather not reconnect with some people.

As one of your readers, I do have a burning question: is your house still being visited by a ghost sort of a thing? Maybe I missed the post where you wrote about the seance.