Monday, September 29, 2008

Violas, ghosts and pools oh my

Well, the viola is gone. For anyone who reads this blog regularly, you know I was debating what to do with the viola I played for 9 years and then didn't play for 26 years. As it turns out a neighbor of ours is on the board of the local philharmonic orchestra, and by local I mean Waltham's orchestra, not the Boston Symphony. I think it is bizarre that Waltham has an orchestra, but there you are. I asked her if she knew of a way I could find a home for the viola, and she put my info out on her listserv, and through that a man who is the music coordinator for the Concord school system contacted me to see if I would be willing to donate it. Their system is low on quality stringed instruments. I was and am willing to donate it, and tonight he picked it up. It needs to be played, and now someone will get the chance to use it. Excellent.

Oz, of the blog Knocked Up over at asked me if we are still having ghost issues in the house, and did we have the house cleansed. Nothing odd has happened recently, but I did, based on a suggestion by a friend who is into feng shui, hang a crystal at the end of my stairs because our stairs end directly facing the front door, and from a feng shui perspective, that is BAAAAAAD. Your money and good luck flow right out of the house. A crystal or mirror at the end of the stairs is supposed to reflect the money and good luck back into the house. I have not had any sort of cleansing done yet. I did suggest to my brother he should come out. That is a big expensive trip though, so it probably won't happen soon. I might have to find someone else to come take a peek under the hood so to speak.

And tomorrow we close the pool for the season. Sigh. I haven't swum since Labor Day, as it has been FRIGID, but it is always sad to close it up again. The leaves are falling into it, all scarlet and yellow, floating on the water. Now the dogs will have more yard space, because they will walk on the pool cover. Cooper will probably think he can walk on it, so that will be a challenge.

And finally, this morning as I was getting ready to leave after dropping Cooper off at day care, I turned around to find my child in a firefighter hat, which is not that unusual, and a pair of red Bob the Builder safety glasses. That part cracked me up. He won't wear sun glasses, but safety glasses, yes indeed. He was running around hammering everything that didn't move, glasses and hat and all. I begged one of the teachers to make sure a picture was taken. So if I get one, you will benefit for sure because it was HYSTERICAL.


Guido Magoo said...

I always love it when I'm the last to know why there is a crystal hanging near the entrance way.

mkosboth said...

All you had to do was ask!

Oz said...

Thanks for the update!

I think that maybe the crystal and things and the power surge were connected. My husband would, I'm sure, disagree and would say that power surges have nothing to do with haunting, but he also thinks that it's OK not to shower for three days, so what does he know?

I am so, so glad you are safe and nothing.