Monday, July 6, 2009

The pros and cons of being 45

Today I celebrate my 45th birthday. Wheeeee. Do you like the picture? That was me, approximately 30 years ago. A friend from high school who found me via FaceBook sent it to me. That was taken in her house. I have to say the perm ROCKED. How better to celebrate turning 45 than putting a picture up from one of your more awkward moments in time.

I am not particularly sensitive about my age. I figure there isn't much I can do about being any particular age, it is what it is. I do find myself FEELING my age here and there - like when chasing a 2 year old around. I was sitting with him on the couch over the weekend, and as I stood up to go get play dough out of the closet, something went "PINGpopBOING" in my left knee and caused pain ever so momentarily. I yelped of course, and Cooper piped up from the couch "You OK?" Of course I was, and am. I need to more yoga, and get things stretched out more.

But here are things I like about being 45:

I am very comfortable in my skin.
I don't feel the need to be a people pleaser unless I WANT to be a people pleaser.
I am way more relaxed about life in general than I was 10 or 20 years ago. Things have a way of working out.
I own a home.
My car insurance is lower than it would be if I was 25.
No one expects me to play competitive sports. Not that they did before, but they definitely don't now.
I don't get perms anymore.

Things I don't like about being 45:

My eyes seem to have betrayed me. I need reading glasses. Actually, I needed them early on in life, like at age 7 because I was far sighted. I outgrew it for awhile, but now it is here to stay.
My knees make funny noises and complain when I get up from having been sitting for awhile.
Hello flibby flabby bits.

My staff brought in Birthday Bagels this morning. It is a tradition I started awhile ago. Cake is so old news. Assorted bagels with a variety of schmear, now that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Later today I hope to be having eggplant parmesan from The Chateau, a local establishment, and birthday pie. When offered the choice of dessert pastry to celebrate a birthday, I will always go for pie over cake.

Hope you all have a lovely day.


Audubon Ron said...


You're a 45? I knew you were a pistol.

45, you're barely even broke in.

Many, many, a trillion blessings on this day.

And may The Bob find a whopper job and hire me, b/c I might need one here pretty soon.

Nice bloggy paint and new wallpaper. I'm still a little partial to the Zen Frog.

Anonymous said...

It was a day of such promise and excitement - that July 7th at 2:02 p.m. You remain exciting and and a pleasure - a treasure in our lives. Happy year to come.

I would not be anonymous if I could remember my password!!

MidLifeMama said...

That's my mom people!

Chip said...

Hoppy birdday!

Stuff will be on the way once I decide what it'll be! Mayhaps a donation to a new treadmill?

MidLifeMama said...

Dude/Chip: A donation to the new treadmill fund is always welcome.

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