Friday, July 17, 2009

But I was saving that for later...

Last night I was putting the schnauzers into their kennel (they sleep together in a large crate so they don't get into trouble while unattended) when I noticed this small bit of feather. Not like a feather that fell off a bird as it flew by, but a feather you might be left with if you plucked a bird. YUCK. So I cleaned it up, assuming that one of them had found something to chew on out in the yard but that was all that was left.

I was wrong. I had today off today, as I do every Friday during the summer. After dropping Cooper off at daycare, Bob and I were heading off to catch a matinee of the new Harry Potter movie. I admit it, I LOVE these books, and have loved each of the movies. I was putting the schnauzers in their kennel again, which resides in a corner of our living room, when I looked further in and saw something that made me pull the dog bed out and found a dead baby bird body. GAAAAAAAAK. I pulled the whole thing out on the deck, flung the bird body over the fence so they couldn't find it again, and informed Bob that the dogs would have to be gated into the kitchen while we were gone AND we would be buying a new dog bed at Target after we went to the movie.

So we went to the movie, and then to Target, and bought the dog bed and some shorts and tshirts for Cooper. The movie was great. Very true to the book and the effects were great. Upon returning to the house, I entered and said out loud "WHY does it still smell like dead animal in here??". So I went to the corner and pulled the kennel all of the way out, only to find the HEAD of the bird that had become detached from the bird body I had previously flung outside. And some other gross bits and SHOOT ME NOW because how long has this dead animal been in my house????

Seriously. I have no idea. It could have been there for DAAAAAYS. I am nauseated now just thinking about it. I pulled the entire kennel out on the deck, sprayed everything down with a bleach and water solution. The floor, the kennel, everything. DIST.GUS.TING. It was Gus. I am sure. He goes out there and stalks things along the fence. This was small enough that he could have hidden it in his mouth and brought it in just before going into the kennel right as Bob was leaving to take Cooper to day care or before going to bed at night. They are schnauzers. It is their nature. But it is so GROSS.

I am undoubtedly having some bad dreams tonight. And summer has finally arrived. It is 9:45pm and still 77 degrees. But we still haven't put the air conditioners in. We might not hold out much longer though. I can't stand being hot when I sleep. Especially when I am dreaming about dead animals in my house.

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