Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh look, summer

Well, in the last week of July, summer has arrived in Boston. It really IS the humidity that is the worst. We had held out until yesterday, but finally, as I was standing there, sweating, I said "Let's put in the air conditioners." And we did. There is such a difference between the hot, wet summer of New England, and the hot dry heat of Texas. They were trying to tell me it was humid there. I laughed. I think there are places more humid than New England in July, but they are not in Texas.

Cooper ended up running a little fever over the weekend, so I think the hives were, as the internet suggested, a byproduct of some virus. I felt gross most of the weekend too. Now I am talking like Demi Moore. It started before the air conditioners, so I am pretty sure it is not because we put them in.

And I am happy to report that one of the mom's in the neighborhood gave birth on Friday to a GIRL!! We were all pretty sure you could not conceive while living in our neighborhood and have a girl. But she has debunked that myth. The little gal weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 2oz and is named Arden. She has two older brothers, although not much older, so she should either be sufficiently spoiled or completely picked on her entire life. Maybe both.

There were times growing up that I wished I had an older brother; someone who would dote on me and make sure no one picked on me. But then I would see how REAL older brothers acted and was happy being the eldest child. I could do most of the torturing, and acted the protector on occasion for the little brother. Mostly there was torture. I am fairly sure to this day I could just walk behind him and he would jump in anticipation of being tickled. He was my very own Pavlovian classical conditioning project. Chip, if anyone suggests you might suffer from PTSD, you may want to listen to them.

This is also for you Chip...Sarasponda sarasponda sarasponda retsetset...


witchypoo said...

I tortured my little brother, too. I don't know why he still talks to me.

Anonymous said...

You are cruuuellla for sure! I too will have that tune tromping through the day. Glad mom and baby are okay.

Chip said...

Argh... you are Cruella!