Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Parakeet rescue mission, Day 1

Today I was approaching the back door that leads directly into my office (I work in a house converted into office space) and heard all this squawking that sounded different than birds I hear all the time. I looked up and there was this parakeet sitting on the roof just above my door. A little light blue bird, with a yellow head and black and white stripes on the wings.

I imagine it is someones pet. I didn't give it much thought until a few hours later I saw lots of flapping outside my window. I ventured out and there he was, hanging out on the roof, flying back and forth to the trees and back again.

At this point I sort of went all Dr. Doolittle and decided I had to catch this bird. First I put some crumbled Wheat Thins on the step, and left the screen door and my inside door open.

Field note #1: Parakeets do not care for Wheat Thins.

Then Richard came in my office. He works upstairs and came in to apologize for all the noise he was making moving. I asked him "Do you know how to catch a parakeet?" He thought I was asking some Zen Buddhist esoteric question. I was all "NO, I mean do you know how to catch a parakeet, for REAL." Then I had the brainstorm to research them on the internets, and found that this is probably a Budgie. And I found some sound clips of Budgies singing. So I played that REALLY LOUDLY.

Field note #2: The Bugdster DOES respond to recorded sounds of other Budgies. He actually flew down and landed on my door knob. Then he promptly fluttered back out again.

Field note #3: Be prepared for how to TRAP said Bugdster if you find him in your office again. Was not prepared the first time.

So after wasting an enormous amount of time obsessing on this bird, I researched bird rescue on the internets, and found a number for a guy who fosters orphaned birds in MA. I called him and explained the situation. He had all these suggestions, most of which broke down to GET BIRD FOOD and be prepared to capture it.

So we moved on to step 3, get bird food. And a feeder which attaches to the window on my door. I figure if I leave the food up for a day or so, he will get used to it, and then I might be able to get close enough to capture it. I may also bring to work a bird house I have at home, so see if he will go in it.

Because now he is trying to take the building apart.

This picture is of Bugdster on the roof just above my door, trying to burrow into the eave. He keeps gnawing at and pulling at this piece of wood that is part of the roof, just under the shingles, trying to get it out. I might get to work tomorrow and find he has succeeded on getting in there. Not sure what we will do then.

I have a deadline for dealing with this - I leave for Maine on Friday. If I have not captured him by then, he will have to survive or not without me until I get back in just over a week. My boss is not going to be thrilled if a bird has burrowed in under the eave. She is on vacation this week, so that is another element of the deadline.

I am not sure what we will do with Bugdster if I do catch him. Schnauzers kill birds, if you know what I mean. But one step at a time. First I need get my Snowhite on and get him to land on my finger. If only I could whistle.

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witchypoo said...

Nothing like a stray bird to liven up the workday!