Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does anyone actually LIVE here?

After my second full day of San Antonio, and I have a question: Does anyone actually LIVE in the city? It is so unlike Boston in so many ways, but the most striking difference is that there don't seem to be residences here in the city. In Boston you have a healthy mix of old brown stone buildings that are condos and apartments along with the businesses and restaurants everywhere. Boston has people out and about all the time. After dinner last night at La Magarita's, which was excellent, we walked part of the way back. The streets were desolate. On a SATURDAY night. This would be unheard of in Boston. The heat was more tolerable at 8pm than earlier in the day, but there still were very few people, other than us tourists, out and about.

A word about outdoor dining in San Antonio: BIRDS. Holy bird crap Batman. I am not a fan of birds being near me to begin with - hello West Nile virus - but eating outside in this city means these birds that resemble what I would call a grackle back home STALK you with these creepy open beaked beady eyed stares. So while I was enjoying my chicken enchiladas and sangria, I was keeping my own beady eye on several characters who would have thought nothing of hopping right up and eating off my plate. ICK.

Today my Uncle David and Aunt Sharon, who reside in Orange, TX, drove over to have lunch with me. This is my father's younger brother. They are awesome. We had lunch at Boudreau's, once we found it. While the Riverwalk SEEMS like you should be able to find things easily, you often find that you are on the wrong side of the river from the place you want to be. After lunch we walked back to the end of the Riverwalk where you can get on a boat tour.

Two words about open boat tours in San Antonio on a sunny afternoon: Heat STROKE. As Sharon, the delicate southern flower that she is (originally from West Virginia) declared "I am glistening". In Boston we call it SWEATING. Profusely.

But I learned some things about San Antonio, about the river, and saw some other places that would be fun to check out for eating and/or libations. If of course I can find my way BACK to these places without being on a boat.

They don't have an actual water taxi service that I can see. I thought they did. They SHOULD. BUSINESS PLAN for those who are in the market. I would do it, but then I would have to live in Texas. And boy howdy that ain't happening.

And finally, my uncle informed me that his son, my cousin Matthew, a DOCTOR, has purchased an AK47.

????? He doesn't live in the Republic of Texas either. He is not neighbors with Ted Nugent.

He likes to shoot guns at the shooting range, I was told. Okaaaay, but why not a rifle, a hand gun, why an ASSAULT weapon? No one really knows, but my aunt suggested it might be because of all the elderly vets he has worked with at the VA hospital. He is a fan of history, he has a strong sense of tradition, so he might have found their combat stories inspiring. All I know is that if he was my husband he would be finding somewhere else for that little item to live that is not in my home. I grew up going to my grandparents house where there were rifles on the wall of the bedroom my brother and I would stay in as small children. I am not anti gun. I am anti assault weapon in my home though. CRAZY.

Ah, Bob just informed me that it isn't a fully automatic weapon because that would be illegal for him to own. THAT is comforting.


witchypoo said...

Of course they live there. Inside. With air conditioning. Hereabouts a boat ride is guaranteed to cool you off. So far this summer, we haven't needed one. I'm enjoying your stories. Thank you.

Audubobn Ron said...

Actually, most people live outside the city. When I travelled to San Anton on business, it was a one horse town trying to be a two horse town. Most everyone plays golf and stuff. This time of year is unbearable. Now the city is really populated. There is only one place under the sun as humid as San Anton. Where I live.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to remember something positive about living in heat states....other than being paid to live there and it was a totally new experience? Must be my English genes.

Laura said...

Didn't I warn you about taking that boat tour in the sunshine? Now you also understand why I said I was lost in the bowels of the Rivewalk for an entire night. I was willing to triathlon my way out of there if necessary...yes I would have gone in the water if that meant I could finally return to my bed.

Mrs. G. said...

I think you are going to have to start a neighborhood book club or pole dancing night...your other commenters are right. Air conditioning is likely the culprit.