Tuesday, July 21, 2009

People are bizarre

Right now we are watching the Tour de France, or the recorded coverage of what has already happened today. They are in the mountains. I think the whole idea of the tour is INSANE. Biking around France and some of Spain for three weeks? And not stopping to have a lunch of cheese and bread and wine every few hours? What is the POINT? But the mountain stages always make me realize how truly bizarre people are. Never mind that you have these guys riding these expensive bikes in their funky outfits, you have all of the spectators bunching up around the edges of the road, leaving barely enough room for these guys to pass. They wave big flags, some wear crazy outfits like superheros and run along with the cyclists. They threaten to knock these guys on their butts. JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY I yell at the TV every time.

Then there was this mother and daughter in my office yesterday. They were there to turn in the rest of the paperwork we need for their file. Neither of them files a tax return. Mom doesn't work. They get money from Social Security because the father died. While discussing student loan options, the student says "What if I graduate with like, $100,000 in loan debt? How am I going to pay that back?" Mom, the non working, non tax filing mom says in response "You will get a job and work, like the rest of us."

You mean like the rest of us in the room right here, like ME, not you, you who doesn't work? I think that does actually qualify as the definition of irony. While I can TELL you the definition of irony, I think most of the time people call things ironic when they are really coincidental. Irony doesn't happen as much as people think.

Cooper is growing some new teeth again. Poor bean. It is obviously causing pain. He now knows to ask for Tylenol by name. I think it is good we cannot remember that pain later in life.


Chip said...

Most people think of irony as depicted in the Allanis Morrisette song, which are really merely unfortunate coincidences. And yes, the mom saying what she did does indeed qualify.

The Tour is not insane. Well, yes it is. But... ok, yeah, just nuts. But good crazy.

Oz said...

I, too, want to punch those guys. They infuriate me. I can't imagine how the riders make it through without getting arrested for assaulting "fans."

Chip said...

Actually saw an Astana (team Lance is on) shove somebody today. I've never seen that and have watched more TdF than rednecks have watched NASCAR.

I'm amazed fans haven't done something horrific to a rider they don't like. So much opportunity.