Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's HOT y'all

Well, there are several reasons I can never live in Texas.

1. I would instantly develop this really obnoxious but thoroughly genuine Texas accent. Hi, my name is Michele and I am a magpie. I can't help it.

2. IT IS FREAKING HOT HERE. I don't know if the natives know this or not. I am not sure anyone I have seen so far is actually FROM here. Maybe the guy driving the taxi I took from the airport to the hotel last night. But it is something like 104 right now.

3. The Alamo. I can't live here because they took this historic site of a battle we LOST and made it into a SHRINE. Texas is CRAZY that way.

My friend Laura and I will wander down to a restaurant that not one but two people have recommended - Thanks Ron - La Margarita Mexican Restaurant and Oyster Bar. I am not a fan of the oyster except in their service to mankind by producing pearls, but I do love Mexican food, and if it is authentic it is even better. I also will abstain from any tequila based drinks. The few times I tried any margaritas I became very very very angry. Like I wanted to punch someone angry. So unless one of my friends has enough money for bail, and because my boss said I wasn't allowed to embarrass the college, I will not be drinking any margaritas. They don't take me to a happy place.

I shall report tomorrow on our night of dining and what have you. Meanwhile, back at the homestead, Cooper got a hair cut and seems to be surviving, AND sleeping, just fine without me. Gooooo BOB!

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witchypoo said...

I don't understand why anyone would willingly go to Texas. If it were to spend time with a friend, I'd spring for their ticket to come here. Not a fan of heat, humidity, or rattlesnakes.