Thursday, July 16, 2009

How NOT to find if someone is pregnant...

I forgot to mention the very uplifting moment I had at the last reception at the conference. I had been searching for my friends from Boston College, wandering around nibbling on the little plate of nacho chips and roasted veggies I had picked up. I hadn't found them yet when I was approached by a woman I know who is the director of aid at another local college here in the Boston area. "Michele, how are you? Are you expecting another baby?" she asked with a big smile. "UH, no. No I am not" I responded. "Oh, it's just fat, huh? I KNOW, I have been carrying around a spare tire for years myself" she says, as she jiggled the little bit of pooch she had around her belly area. And then she wandered off.

W.T.F???? Are we serious right now??? Not too long after that I found my friends from BC and told them what happened and bemoaned the fact that if she is asking me that after I have lost 20lbs, what did I look like BEFORE I lost the weight? One of them, who is known for being pretty blunt said it was bull shit, I looked great and didn't look the least bit pregnant.

But let this be a lesson to you. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ask a woman if she is pregnant, unless you know for sure already she is. Because chances are she is NOT pregnant, just FAT. BAH.

Today I went back to work, completely confused about what day it was. The time difference was only an hour, so I can't blame that. I just didn't have a clue what day I was in. And then I found out that this family who just HAD to have more help financially, just couldn't make it work without help, so I gave them some additional funding, has declined every loan the student is eligible for. Hm. Guess they are not in such desperate shape after all. THAT irritates me. I feel like saying in my responses to these appeals that I will give you some more help, unless you turn down the self-help portion of your award, in which case I will take back the extra help. But I can't really do that. But I want to.

And today was a perfect pool day. Cooper and I got in as soon as we got home from work and school. That kid is a pool maniac.


Audubon Ron said...

Whoa, very uncool comment.

Anonymous said...

More than uncool, Ron. It was bitchy. Cross that woman off your party list, hon.

And I am so tired of my password not working!!!! What is with this site?