Sunday, November 2, 2008

National Blog Posting Month

I am a day late with this, but I decided to try my hand at this National Blog Posting Month thing this month. A blog posting a day for a month.

Halloween was a good time. We went to a friends' house after work to socialize with some other kids and eat. Cooper is funny around large groups of kids he doesn't know. He is king of the classroom at school, but he plays it cool and quiet when confronted with kids he is unfamiliar with. He was totally uninterested in pizza, but ate blueberries. Does he know how to party or what. Then he hung out in the playroom, enthralled with the trucks his buddy Parker had. Parker is 4 months older than Cooper, and spent the whole time being upset about all these kids touching his stuff. When it got to be 6pm, we told Cooper it was time to go. He had a major meltdown about having to leave all the trucks at Parker's house. And then another friend had a meltdown because he was being told he had to stop opening and closing and otherwise hanging off of the baby gate. Then other kids were crying for no apparent reason. It was time for everyone to go home. We got back to the house and Cooper checked out. He was ready for bed. So no real trick or treating occured, but that is okay since he doesn't even eat candy yet.

He did however, try and LIKE tomato soup this weekend. Not just plain tomato soup, but tomato and red pepper soup. He saw us eating it and when I offered it to him, he tried it. He made a funny face, but came back for more. THIS IS HUGE. He never tries new food. He may never eat it again, but he tried it!

Today I had to work. Ugh. On a Sunday. It was open house for potential new students. It is a fun day for everyone, except for the fact that I had to stand for 5 hours in heels. While I was gone, he hung out with dad, and apparently tried out the treadmill. And liked it. That is a weird little kid.

But maybe in the middle February when we can't get outside for some exercise this will save our sanity. You never know.


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