Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas tradition or life long phobia, you make the call

I had asked in previous post what kind of traditions people have for holidays etc. I was looking through the myriad of holiday catalogs I am receiving (Yippee, it is catalog season again!)and found this guy I find him a bit disturbing. The idea is around the Christmas season the elf sits around during the day in the house, keeping an eye on all the children, to see if they are being good or bad, and then at night he 'disappears' back to the North Pole to make his report to Santa. Then the next day he 'reappears' in the house, in a different location. Obviously some parent interested in ensuring that his or her child needs therapy later in life and has a panic attack any time he or she sees Will Farrell as a giant elf, will help the Elf on the Shelf in his efforts by relocating him each day.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that the Elf on the Shelf has a Facebook page. I kid NOT: There are 370 people who are fans of this creepy little guy. There is a website and a new activity book.

The Bob said this might well have put his oldest son, Alex, right over the edge if they had tried this out when he was little. Alex lives on the edge of cracking on a daily basis as it is, being stalked by one of Santa's elves could have done possible irreparable damage.

So I think we will pass this year on this 'tradition'. Being spied upon by one of Santa's minions just doesn't seem, well, jolly.


Oz said...

He's wearing a one-piece velvet suit, which just seems wrong to me. I see from his website that he makes appearances on some sort of a book tour. That just adds a whole other level to the creepiness.

mkosboth said...

I agree. CREEPY.