Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bang bang bang

Cooper has shown a decided interest in musical instruments. We were in Target today, looking for a present to give to one of the neighborhood kids who has a birthday party coming up next weekend, and we decided to get this set of instruments for Cooper for Christmas. I could have saved myself $20 had I realized that a set of empty cans and the left over tin from one of those three kinds of popcorn gift sets would be JUST FINE as far as Cooper was concerned. Add one mixing spoon and at least an hour of fun is to be had.

Of course it helps if you don't intend to be able to hear anything else for that hour. Like the TV or talking on the phone, or to each other. But it was worth having him joyfully occupied.

We also went to the Christmas Tree Shop. This, I believe, is a chain that is unique to Massachusetts. One time my friend Crazy Tom was visiting, and I took him there for some reason. He is a dude who is happiest shopping flea markets and yard sales. He LOVED the Christmas Tree Shop. I am not sure how it got started, but it is not just for Christmas anymore. Sure you can buy a lot of Christmas junk. We did. I wanted to put those electric candles in my windows this year. I have great windows for these candles, and I didn't want to pay $10 a pop at Target. So off to the CTS we went. I got them for $1.99 each. I needed 6. $12 vs. $60 is a good deal of savings. I also acquired a new banner for the flag pole ($2.99), an ornament wreath and wreath hanger for the front door ($9.99 and 1.99 respectively). One could really channel your inner Martha at the CTS. Every manner of holiday crap is available there. Giant electric powered snowglobes with snowmen inside, lots of hanging goo gobs for your doors and walls, every kind of stringed light you can imagine, as well as candy and snacks and tea and coffee and whew I am tired.

I got stuck, inevitabely, behind a woman who I thought either was the best stuffer of stockings EVER or had a major bingeing problem, because she had at least two carts worth of stuff she was buying. Turns out she was buying stuff to give away as prizes during bingo at this assisted living place where she worked. The CTS is the place to shop for that kind of thing.

In other news, The Bob bought me a Flip video camera. VERY exciting. Not on the "trying to save money" list, but we have already sent at least one fun video of Cooper to the grandparents in Oregon. Now I will be able to have video evidence of my great singing debut on Monday. Whoohoo. Stay tuned!


Audubon Ron said...

I’m sure you saw the movie a Christmas Story. Better bang on pans than shoot the windows out with a BB gun. I still have a leg lamp with the stocking on it; I know you can’t buy THAT at the Christmas Tree Shop. We expect to see vids of the family unit. Sorry I haven’t been around lately, I been having a real poop time with Google reader. I did get to read the Thanksgiving Day and loved the pics of mom, dad, brother and family and your family. It looked very warm and fun. Didn’t look like anyone got into the tequila before the pic was taken, albeit, two buck chuck is a deal. I miss Trader Joe’s. The only Trader Joe’s here is a used car dealer. I use to get cilantro dressing there. Miss that a lot. My wife bought some in Chicago but they wouldn’t let her on the plane with it. No doubt, someone at the TSA loves cilantro dressing too.

Dproudmama said...

Looking forward to news on your debut! And we stil have the the real drum anytime you are up for such a step - even has a cymbal,yeah. We need a CTS here, I can see that. Sort of a theme Odd Lots.