Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is me, dressed in costume for our annual Halloween party in our building. I dressed up as a character I called LazerGirl. I made it up, based on the concept of what will eventually become our college mascot. I don't name the college I work for in this blog not because I don't want you dear readers to know where I work, but I don't want the people at the college who stalk the internets looking for mentions of the college name to find this blog. I don't think I might get Dooced (i.e. fired for saying something negative on my blog about my place of employment), I just want this blog to be a personal blog, not read by my coworkers. The one time the director of admissions found out I had a blog, he wanted to link to it from the website. Uh, NO. Prospective students do not need to see pictures of Cooper as Bob the Builder.

Anyway, our college does not currently have a mascot. We have a design for one, and it is in the process of being turned into a costume. But the pictures look like a blue FTD guy. So I thought I would do the Target $15 version. Blue hair, blue face paint (I wanted dark blue face paint but couldn't find it) and a blue sweatsuit. It got some laughs. One of my coworkers dressed like Mr. Incredible. We made quite a crime fighting duo.

Tomorrow Cooper gets to wear his Bob the Builder stuff to school. He loves wearing costumes. Yesterday I arrived at school to pick him up to find he was wearing a bumble bee costume. Apparently he had worn it all day. On the play ground, during nap. He wouldn't take it off until it was time to go home. He may look like his dad, but he has my sensibilities when it comes to costumes, which is to say when you have the chance to wear one, DO IT.

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