Sunday, December 28, 2008

Things I learned today

Today I did actually perform two songs at Ryles Jazz Club during their jazz brunch. My friend Harvey and his trio were performing and he had invited me to join them. I sang "How High the Moon" and "Take the A Train". The Bob and my friend TR came along, and the Bob was in charge of taking the video. Only one song was actually documented because he couldn't figure out the camera right away. Which is fine because during the other one I screwed up the lyrics a bit. I am still debating putting the video on the blog.

Things I Learned Today:

1. I need a new pair of jeans that fit. The pair I was wearing are too BIG and I look horrible. Yes, that sounds silly but there it is. Now, this is not the worst thing to have happen, they could have been too small.

2. I need to figure out what to do with my hands while performing. One had was holding the mic, but what to do with the other hand...or either hand or my entire self while waiting to sing again during the instrumental solos.

3. I can survive doing things that absolutely terrify me. This was a very terrifying experience. I haven't performed like that in a veeeeeerrrrry long time and never by myself in front of a jazz trio. While this is not actually a reason to put the video on the blog or not, it is something I learned. It is a lesson I keep learning actually. Like after delivering Cooper, which was more terrifying than I expected because my health issues were making it necessary to deliver him early and while we were in great hands in a great hospital, there was the risk of death for both of us. Or when we tried scuba diving on our honeymoon. TERRIFYING. But thankfully I survived all of those experiences.

4. Now that I have done it, I know the next time I do this I won't be as terrified and it will go better. I am talking about singing, not giving birth. If my doctor did her job, I will not experience that again. However, Harvey said I can join him anytime he is there, and I will do THAT! And it didn't go badly, other than screwing up the lyrics, it went really well actually. Total strangers who didn't have to say anything complimented me. And TR is not known for holding back with the criticism, on ANYTHING, and she was complimentary too.

5. I learned that even though I think I am singing really loudly, I am not as loud as I think I am out in the audience. More volume will help a great deal.

6. It is hard to be louder the lower in my range I go. Will have to work that out.

7. Ultimately, it was REALLY FUN.


Ice Pony Goddess said...

isn't it great when jeans are too big!!

Audubon Ron said...

I'm sure you did fine. Always best to start with the hands buy your side then move them in accordance with the music and emphasis on notes, can look at video of singers can help. It is weird what to do with hands. Ronald Regan use to put thme by his side and made sure his thumbs were turned in. He thought thumbs sticking out made him look dumb. I dunknow, preference.

Oz said...

I've found that when I'm terrified of doing something, I usually should do it - like confronting someone or trying a new sport - and I feel so much better afterward. Congratulations on conquering your fear!

Susie said...

So great that you did it! Fear holds people back. Keep doing it until you break through the fear and find the next challenge.