Thursday, December 4, 2008

No barfing yet, and another new blog

Barf watch: 12-04-2008 8:56am No barfing or inordinate amount of poop yet. We are on our normal routine, going to work and daycare. Of course we got there this morning to find two more kids have succumbed to the bug. There are only three soldiers left standing who have not caught it, Cooper being one of them. We just have to wait and see I guess. One of his classmates' parents pulled the kid out on Wednesday when they first heard about the bug, because they are going away next week to visit family. Last year the kid infected the whole family with the bug that rampaged through the school. I seriously considered doing the same with Cooper, but then decided to play YATZEE with it all.

New blog alert: While reading I Am Bossy's entry for the day, I found a link to this blog: Cranky Fitness. I wandered over there and found a funny well written blog mostly about how to approach exercise and nutrition from a healthy point of view. I say nutrition, not D.I.E.T because I choose not to diet but be healthy about how I eat. I like her 90% rule: try to a good job 90% of the time with your exercise and eating habits. Don't try for perfection. I pretty much apply that approach to all of my life. I work with someone who thinks perfection is not only attainable, but required. This would be why he never ever ever turns in any report, any project, responds to any request by anyone including our boss, on time. And by that I mean he was 3 months late turning over his part for the annual report because he needed it to be "perfect". Can you say IRONY?

I digress. Check out the blog. Linky link to the left. My own fitness goals are moving along. I am at a 20lb weight loss, and focusing on the next 5lb goal. During the holidays that can be hard, but it is afterall, just a goal. I give myself no absolute timeline on it. More than anything I am excited about how my clothes fit. Even if the weight doesn't drop if I am getting healthier and turning fat into muscle, or at least firmer fat, and I am in the next size down, YIPPEE for me!


Jordon said...

I lost 13 lbs in only two weeks by obeying this one easy rule

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?