Friday, December 19, 2008

4 inches and counting

I am talking about snow. It began around 1:30pm today, and by 5:30 we had 4 inches, by my very scientific method of calculating, which is to take the yard stick out to the table on the deck and measure the snow piling up on it. If it were not pitch black out I would get a picture for you all. It is still blizzarding out.

I went to work this morning, and decided to stop at the grocery store on the way to work to pick up a few things. Me and 100 of my nearest and dearest comrads. Everyone was freaking out about the snow. Cooper's day care follows the Newton school system schedule, and they closed at 11am today. The college closed at noon. I think everyone is still feeling the pain of last year's snow storm and for many, the snow storm of 1978 where cars were just abandoned on the highways for days because the snow fell so fast is still a real and painful memory.

And more snow is due on Sunday morning. My big Ryles debut may be delayed. Harvey is performing there on the 28th too, so worse case scenario I could delay it a week.

But it looks like we will have a white Christmas. They are talking about another storm coming in on Christmas Eve. And this is why I don't like traveling this time of year. The chance of being trapped in Chicago's O'Hare airport for 12 hours waiting for a flight is just too real. That is not my idea of a great way to spend Christmas.

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

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