Monday, December 29, 2008

And I have my brother to thank...

I am a somewhat critical movie viewer when it comes to movie adaptations of comic books. I grew up reading my brothers' comic books. Many of the superheros were represented in this collection, but I have very clear memories of the X Men, Superman, Batman and that whiney Spiderman.

Here is my Spiderman rant: Grow a set. You have SUPER POWERS dude. Get over being guilty about Uncle Ben, let MaryJane make her own choices, she is afterall, a grown up who can decide if she wants to be with a dude who can shoot webs out of his wrists. I do not have issues that the more geeky Spiderman fans have - like if he really did experience a merge of his DNA with a spider, he would most likely shoot webs out of his butt instead of his wrists, or that he would have grown 16 eyes. I just want him to be a SUPER-HERO. And to stop whining. I liked the first Spiderman movie from an adaptation perspective, but still hated Spiderman. The third movie was so bad we turned it off and sent it back without ever seeing the end. The song and dance bit in the bar was more than I could handle.

But on to the real reason for this post - Iron Man. I gave this movie to the Bob as a stocking stuffer and we watched it the other night. It is a GREAT movie. I am partial to movies that have redemption as a story line, and this is true of this movie. And Robert Downey Jr. totally finds his groove in it. The character is such an unlikely person to become a superhero, but then puts those crazy genius brains of his to work and the rest is just fun. I even didn't mind Gwenyth Paltrow in the role of Pepper Potts. She bugged me before she went and named her daughter Apple. But she was a nice addition to the movie.

So if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Stan Lee, comic book artist extraordinaire, is an executive producer so it would have been hard to get it wrong.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks for the tip! I'd heard good things about Iron Man but hadn't gotten around to seeing it yet.

(And loved the Spiderman rant--too funny!)