Monday, December 15, 2008

New developments

So, Cooper has strep. I kept him home today because he had a cough and runny nose and has been fussy about eating. I figured a day off would do him some good. This afternoon after only taking a 2 hour nap - shut up, he usually takes 3 hour naps and I LOVE HIM FOR IT - anyway - he complained about his peepee hurting. He was grabbing at his Mr. Happy and saying "oooow peepee, ooooww peepee". Upon inspection there was nothing visually wrong with said peepee, but he definitely was complaining. So, since he was refusing to eat or drink much and his peepee was bothering him, I called the doctor. One quickie strep test later, he has his first case of strep.

In addition to that, when I reported that both he and I had dealt with a stomach bug over the weekend, the doctor said that strep can actually cuase those symptoms, and that I should probably get checked for strep too. So I will try to do that tomorrow. But that might also explain the complete lack of stomach bug in the Bob. I mean, it is either that or he has some super human anti-stomach bug super power.

Our next door neighbors' kids have been dealing with strep for something like 3 months. They cannot get rid of it. We were at a birthday party with them last weekend, which is likely where Cooper got it. We see the same pediatrician, who said it is unlikely we will have the same experience they are having regarding not being able to get rid of the strep infection. I hope not. That is CRAZY. They have been on some form of antibiotic for months. They are probably brewing some super strain of resistant strep over there.

Anyway, I DID win the Timex Ironman heart monitor thing. They gave me an extension on meeting the deadline for responding because of the whole vomiting thing. Which I greatly appreciate! I never win anything, but now I have!


Audubon Ron said...

Sorry about ole Coop. BUT, he has given me ideas.

All I have to do is grab Mr. Happy and go “owww peepee, owww peepee” and the Little Woman will give it an inspection? Amazing.

mkosboth said...

Seriously, you are twisted.