Sunday, October 26, 2008

A great day for a parade

This afternoon our neighborhood, which has an association and organizes stuff like yard sales and picnics, held its annual Halloween parade for the kids. But who are we kidding. If the kid is younger than 3, he or she is not doing this because they say "Hey, mom, dad, I really want to dress like a princess or pumpkin and be in the parade". No, we make them dress that way and march them around.

Cooper was Bob the Builder. He LOVES the tool belt and tools and hat. The hat was a problem since it is very round and very slippery. The only way to keep it on his head was to put one of his other hats under it. So he looked a bit odd, but he was happy. I may figure out if I can glue some foam inside it later.

There are pictures of the parade, of some of the participants, there were easily 40 families involved. The guy who organizes most of the stuff is dressed as a candy corn. I stuck a jester hat that has blinking lights on my head, and he thought this was GRAND. He takes the parade seriously. He was carting a boom box around in a stroller, so we got to march around the neighborhood down to the park to disco music. Once at the park there were snacks and games and general mayhem to be had.

On our tour of the neighborhood, I did an inventory. There were 4 of those flat witches that look like they have flown into the tree/house, 5 scarecrows, two with real pumpkin heads and a variety of skeletons or ghosts. And two McCain/Palin signs, no Obama signs. As the Bob noted, any money spent by either campaign in this state is a waste. Massachusetts is a democratic stronghold. I was not surprised to find that one of the McCain signs was in the front yard of the butthead who walks his dogs off leash (which causes problems like his dog attacking my dog while we were walking one morning)and leaves their poop in whatever yard it is deposited.

That aside, it was a beautiful day and a great parade. Now if I can just get Cooper to go to school tomorrow WITHOUT the tool belt.


Oz said...

I love Cooper's serious look - he is clearly ready to get to work.

mkosboth said...

He was all over that costume and hammering everything in site. I call that his GQ pose.

Audubon Ron said...

Thank goodness junior was Bob the Builder and not Joe the Plumber.