Monday, October 13, 2008

Fabulous Fall Fun

I had today off, so Cooper and I went off to Drumlin Farm, which is part of the Mass Audobon association and is a working organic farm. The first time we went Cooper was decidedly UNHAPPY with the animals. He has warmed up to them over the last few visits and today he was VERY happy with them. His favorites are the owls and the pigs. We even took a hayride, which was a first for him. I swear the goat was smiling at us when we took her picture. He loved being in the chicken house, talking to them. The pictures I took of the owls did not work out so well, since they are not very active during the day.

Later in the afternoon, after his nap, we took a walk around the neighborhood and scored seeing not only two fire engines (we hope that there was not a major tragedy in our neighborhood) but a backhoe and small roller thing too. It was a VERY busy day and consequently it was an early bed time for Cooper. I am not far behind!

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