Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look at me, here I am...looooooooove me

That is my favorite line out of Cars, the movie that Cooper is currently obsessed with and we have watched, since Saturday, 546.7 times. Kill me. At least this gives us a break from Bob the Builder.

You would think that as the adults in the house we could say no, we are not going to watch "queen" as Cooper calls it because the main characters' name, Lightening McQueen, is too hard for him to say, and he says the word "car" as "guy" which does not result in the immediate realization by either of his parents that he is requesting to watch Cars. Again.

What was I saying...oh yeah, you would think we could say that and because we are theoretically in charge, that it would work. It does, if you don't mind listening to a tiny little sad voice dripping with tears say over and over and over and over "queen queen queen queen queen" while pointing at the TV, or at the DVD case that he insists on carrying around with him pathetically, with little tiny tears running down a pouty little face. Sometimes that makes me laugh. The whole sad pathetic face thing. Mostly I think "oh hell, who cares" and turn it on. It won't kill him for an hour while I finish dinner and the Bob walks the dogs. It might kill me to listen to him lose his mind if he can't watch it.

Next week it will be a different movie or show. And honestly, it is a great movie. It has a great story line, the animation is fabulous, and the voices are great. I am not a big fan of Larry the Cable Guy, but he is spot on as Mater. As in Tow Mater, without the Tow. And Luigi and Guido are my favorites. Tony Shaloub does Luigi, and Guido is listed as being voiced simply by Guido.

I hope in the future we will be better at enforcing certain boundaries, when it really matters, and when he has the cognitive capacity to understand that we are not actually denying him something critical to his very existence, like air or food or water, but that we are helping him be a balanced individual who doesn't do any one thing for 14 hours a day, by encouraging other activities like reading and playing outside. Which he does do. Since he is in school all day I feel like he gets quite a bit of the educational exposure and outdoor activity, weather permitting. But even at home he does sit and read through his books for longer and longer periods of time, which I find totally cool. He loves his books and I will stop almost anything I am doing to read with him.

So I am off to pick him up from school, and probably to watch another hour of Cars before the day ends for Cooper. It is nice out right now though, we may get in a walk while we still can!

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