Saturday, October 11, 2008

23 Months and counting

Today Cooper is 23 months old. One more month and he will be 2 YEARS OLD. See how I did that complex math? It is just astounding to me, looking at him, to recall his arrival in this world, two months early and so very tiny. He is NOT tiny now. I weighed him the other day after heaving him on and off the changing table. He is 29.6lbs. I haven't managed to get his height, but he is well over 30 inches tall. He is a big grown up kid. The pictures I have here are from the other day and today. He is a bit of a ham when he wants to be, and other times he just does not want anything to do with getting his picture taken.

He is also developing faster than the speed of light. He is aquiring new words every day, he is interested in so much. Today Bob was telling him pet Buster on the head, and demonstrated by patting his own head, so Cooper imitated him, by patting his own head too. Bob said, no, pat Buster's head. And Cooper said "OH!" and went over to pat Buster's head. I am loving this time of his life. He is so funny and every day he makes me laugh.

Today was a perfect fall day in New England. I LOVE fall. I love the changing colors, the crisp air, the PUMPKINS. The picture of the leaves was taken from our deck. These trees are not technically ours, but the leaves think they are. They insist on falling in our yard. But the colors are just peaking and things are beautiful.

I am watching recordings of the Ellen DeGenerous show that I record during the week and just realized that Cooper needs a hair cut because he has the same hair cut as Ellen. But his hair has been doing this fun 1974 surfer dude thing. He has curls, of which I am VERY jealous, but his hair is definitely getting long. Next weekend!

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