Saturday, August 23, 2008

On to Toddler 1

So officially my baby is no longer an "infant". He finished his last day in the infant room at day care yesterday. They have a week off and then he begins in the Toddler 1 room. In our state you can move a child into a toddler class at 15 months, but this center runs like a regular school, so they don't transition kids at certain ages, they transition at the end of a year. So while he could have been a toddler for 5 months now, he has only now been promoted if you will.

It is amazing to me that he is 21 months old. Time has truly flown. His arrival in our lives was a surprise, and it has been a fascinating journey so far. His personality is so obvious already, yet I know there is so much more to come. I really enjoy having him around too. He makes me laugh every day. He might make me crazy too, but he definitely makes me laugh. Everyone should have someone in their lives who brings laughter into it every day.

This coming week while he is off from school his dad will be doing daddy duty. I am flat out crazed at work and can't take that kind of time off. This will be good for both of them, although different than when I was out visiting my parents. At least this time I will be around to assist in putting Cooper to bed so that he will stick to his routine.

Now if I could just get rid of this cold. Ugh.


Susie said...

Beautiful photo. Here in Hugoland he's 21 months and in his third class already (!) He is to move up again at 2, but they might make it earlier because they think he's bored. They believe he's whip smart and physically advanced... but he's still not talking! Not much anyway. It's very odd. Without the talking, we forget how much he gets and he seems more like a baby than he is.

Hope you kick the cold soon!

mkosboth said...

Hugo will talk your ear off someday and you won't even remember he didn't talk right now. Cooper just added "awesome" to his vocabulary and can hum the Bob the Builder theme song, which I probably should take as a sign he watches it too much. And I am on antibiotics now for a sinus infection. Bah.