Thursday, August 7, 2008

Off on vacation

A view of the cove through the woods and ferns.

Over the next week Cooper and I will be in Friendship ME staying with friends in Floods Cove. It is the fabulously quiet, isolated, off the beaten path spot. You go to Waldoboro ME, where you can have some of the best 4 berry pie at Moody's Diner you could ever ask to have, and make a left and head down to Friendship. We will be staying with friends of mine I have known since 1978 when my family first moved to Cleveland OH. They are probably the people I have known longest in my life besides my own family.

The Bob is not going, because he still does not have the warm fuzzies about our basement and the sump pump. They came and redid the trench, but it has not yet been put to the test. He is uncomfortable leaving the house in the hands of the house sitter. God forbid the basement flooded again while she was in charge.

I am very excited about introducing the cove to Cooper again. We went last year, and that was when he learned to crawl. It has been this wonderful touchstone place for me through many moves, job changes, marriage, divorce, marriage again, having a baby and the other vagaries of life. The friends I visit with are such good, kind, generous people that I feel renewed having spent time with them. I hope over the years we get to keep going and Cooper grows to love and appreciate this place as much as I do.

I will post when I can while we are gone. In the past I have had no internet access while there, but last year someone put up a wireless router so we had access. Which is good and bad. I loved that I could tune out completely - I can't even get cell service in the cove. No one can regardless of provider. It is GREAT. With internet access I have email access which means I can read up about work. But it also means I should be able to blog, and may be able to post pictures.

Don't miss me too much, all three of you who sort of read this blog.


Audubon Ron said...

Looks like a great place to be. Love a carpet of ferns.

Susie said...

Sounds fab. Looking forward to the pics. I haven's spent summer in Maine since I was a kid.

Oh and sorry about your flood. What a nightmare. I wish there was a Red Cross treadmill relief fund or somesuch.

mkosboth said...

Ron - the ferns have the most amazing smell too. I love this part of the cove best of all.

Susie - I wish there was too! I need me my treadmill time.