Thursday, August 14, 2008

This corner of the earth...

So we are home again. We left the cove around 10am, got to Lewiston ME where we picked up Cooper's Meme, i.e. grandmother, Bob's mom, and got home around 3:30. It was an uneventful drive, thankfully.

The pictures above are more of the cove. The man who owns the property, John Flood, looks like your average Maine lobsterman. He is almost always in overall shorts, and has a shock of white hair. He is very protective of his little parcel of land. He used to be a teacher. Which explains the latin quote from Horace that is at the entrance to the cove. You see it in the first picture. It means, roughly translated, "This corner of the the earth is, to me, most beautiful." I couldn't really agree more. The sign also lists the names of the residents who are in residence at the time. It is kind of a funny but cool tradition.

The other pictures are of the view of the cove from in front of the Barnacle, one of the cabins, and of the Defiance, one of the other cabins. The last one is of a tidal river/marsh, the Sheepscot River. I love me a tidal marsh. It is so primeval, calm, and beautiful. This was on the way to the train in Sheepscot. I made John pull over on the bridge so I could get pictures.

Cooper and I had a great time in Friendship. We loved meeting new people, going on a scavenger hunt in the cove yesterday that D planned out for the kids to enjoy with the birthday girl, C. My child is now sound asleep in his own bed again, but he loved it all. As did I. Thanks to John and Virginia for their hospitality, and to everyone else for making it memorable.

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